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Making a success of your car purchase

When buying a car, you need to choose the type of car you want. Buy a powerful coupe to enjoy a real concentrate of pleasure. A premium compact car is a spacious, versatile car. Before buying a used car, take the time to choose the right model. This project requires a lot of care and attention to detail.

All auto solutions are available to you

Voiture neuve

New car

Visit French dealerships to choose the new car models immediately available, make good deals.

Voiture occasion

Used car

Browse through thousands of used cars for sale. Buy revised cars, guaranteed by French dealers.

Voiture en location

Car rental

Rent a car online using the services of a car rental brokerage. Also, opt for car leasing to take full advantage of the offers.

Things to check regularly
on your car

The condition of the tires is the first thing you should check on your vehicle. To drive safely, you should also check visibility. Make sure your turn signals and brake lights are working. Examine your papers regularly. You must drive in order.

etat des pneus

Tire condition

To drive in good conditions, you must check the condition of the tires. In particular the depth of the tread.


Motor filters

The engine filter removes dirt, impurities and particles that clog the fuel.

Huile moteur

Engine oil

To check the engine oil, wait at least five minutes after stopping the vehicle.

New ways to rent a car

If you want to rent a car from someone else, you should have it serviced every 15,000 km or so. When you want to rent a car in a popular destination, book the rental several months in advance.

Renting a car can be interesting since you will not have to maintain it, pass the technical control, insure it. All these expenses require a fairly large monthly budget. Depending on your driving style, you can rent a car by the duration or by the annual mileage. There are new ways to rent a car on vacation. By filling in the dates of your rental, you will get a real time quote.